International workshop in London, Great Britain

Inserted 18/02/2014

Sharing the experience of teaching a foreign language for car-related professions. The program was the introduction of blended learning methods and a tour of London.

International conference and workshop, Bratislava, Slovakia

Inserted 28/11/2013

Another workshop for project partners and also for all interested participants in Bratislava included an excursion in SOS Automotive of John Jonas in Bratislava and company VOLKSWAGEN.

International workshop III., Kecskemét, Hungary

Inserted 25/09/2013

The third workshop was held at the Technical University in Kecskemét and excursion in the company MERCEDES was also on the list. Participants used vocational language presentations, and exchanged international experiences with teaching.

International workshop II., Krakow, Poland

Inserted 17/06/2013

The second workshop of sharing experience included a tour of secondary vocational school in Krakow and automobile excursion in the company FIAT. Additionally, differences in vocational language learning through Europe was discussed.

International workshop I, Prague, Czech Republic

Inserted 19/04/2013

The first in a series of workshops aimed at sharing experience in teaching a foreign language for car-related professions and used teaching materials. A visit in Skoda Auto University in Mlada Boleslav was a part of the programme.

Project working meeting, Valtice, Czech Republic

Inserted 05/10/2012

Introductory working meeting of project partners aimed at planning of activities, drafting basic focus of the planned international workshops and training schedule. Meeting was attended by 14 representatives of the five partner institutions.

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